We try to do our best to help you prepare for your trip to Lisbon.
You will find an answer to the vast majority of your questions here:


1° Question
Where to eat for Shabbat?

We will be very happy to introduce you to the delights of a Portuguese Shabbat meal.
Fresh produce, everything is homemade. We will be happy to receive you in a warm family atmosphere, with our international guests, to taste a true gourmet Shabbat cuisine, worthy of the best international addresses.
Contact us as soon as possible, because the number of places is limited.


Due of the Pandemic + Inflation =
we cannot continue to receive guests for Shabbat.
No package of shabbat. No take away

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2° Question
Are there kosher restaurants in Lisbon?

NO kosher restaurant.
But we can receive you in a wonderful setting near the synagogue.

We recommend that you reserve your place as soon as possible, because the quality of our meals and the warm and cosmopolitan atmospherek are nown internationally.



Due of the Pandemic + Inflation =
we cannot continue to receive guests for Shabbat.
No package of shabbat. No take away


Only ONE kosher grocery:

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3° Question
What is the address of the synagogue?

Sinagoga Shaare Tikva
Rua Alexandre Herculano, nº 59
1250 Lisboa
Location on Lisbon map:
Proximity Metro RATO




4° Question

What religious services are celebrated at the synagogue?

Generally, no religious service during the week.
Only for Shabbat:

Friday at 7pm (Winter) at 7:30 pm (Summer)
Saturday at 9:00 am (all year round).

For all Jewish Holidays, schedules are only communicated two weeks in advance.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.





5° Question
How to attend Shabbat services in the synagogue of Lisbon ?

You must prepare your trip,
and contact the security service of the synagogue in advance to warn of your presence at the synagogue for Shabbat.
Thank you for sending as soon as possible an amiable message for:
By indicating:
 Full name of each person,

. at least one contact telephone number,

. name of your hotel in Lisbon

+ copy of your identity document (A photo taken with your phone is very suitable.
Please send all this information to the security service no later than the previous Thursday. The earlier the better :
Do not forget that more than 100,000 Jews visited Portugal on 2019.

So, help us to have good security for all in Lisbon.

Thanks for your understanding.





6° Question
Is Lisbon a cheap city?


Lisbon was a cheap city here ... over 20 years old.

Now it's a fashionable destination, and we receive dozens of thousands of Jewish tourists every year in Lisbon.

But eating kosher in Lisbon is very expensive:

Very few products on site, at prohibitive prices.

For people eating strictly kosher, we must bring commodities,
such as Glatt kosher meat from France.

An example of price in Lisbon, in the supermarket with a kosher corner, the packaging of four (small) chicken legs costs about 25 Euros.

It is therefore a real challenge for us to offer gourmet meals, homemade with fresh products, and strictly kosher.

And do not forget, the minimum wage in Portugal today is 600 Euros per month, the average salary of about 600 Euros per month, and this is of course even harder for families eating kosher strictly.


Taxis and UBERs stay at very low prices, but for everything else, you will be surprised at the high cost of everything.

Public transport is particularly expensive.

From 2 people, taxis will always be the best option (and the cheapest option).





7° Question
Do Kosher groceries exist in Lisbon?

NO kosher groceries. But you still have some possibilities:


Only ONE kosher grocery:

1). Corner “KOSHER” in the EL CORTE INGLES supermarket in Lisbon.
Address: Av. António Augusto de Aguiar 31, 1069-413 Lisboa
Opening hours: 10:00am 10:00pm Every day.
Warning: Few choices and high prices.
The ray is mostly filled for Pesach and Rosh Hashana.
Kosher wine, biscuits, matzot, some cold meats, sometimes frozen chicken legs (raw). Count around 20 Euros for 4 chicken legs.

Kosher wine, Matzot, etc…
Also in all departments, many products with the kosher label “U”

2) Liberty Store (Loja Liberty)
American store with a lot of products with the kosher label “U”
Address: Largo São Sebastião da Pedreira 9D, 1050-010 Lisboa
Opening hours: 10:00am to 8:00pm from Monday to Saturday.
In the store, kosher products are identified with the Israeli flag label on each gondola.

3) Many French products from the “Paris Consistory List” (Liste des produits cashers du Consistoire de Paris)
 in JUMBO - PAO DE AÇUCAR supermarkets (Auchan Group).
An address in Lisbon:
SHOPPING CENTER AMOREIRAS open daily from 9:00am to 10:00pm.

You can also search for INTERMARCHE CARREFOUR, but these supermarkets are usually located near the center of Lisbon, in the suburbs.

4) An alternative, a large organic shop in the city center,
with organic products much cheaper than in conventional supermarkets:

MIOSOTIS. Supermercado biológico
Address: R. Latino Coelho 89A, 1050
Hours: 9am to 9pm from Monday to Saturday.
Free parking.

5) Some VEGAN restaurants in Lisbon,
but impossible to give addresses, openings and closings succeed one another. Do a search on the Internet.
Attention to vegetarian restaurants (“restaurante vegetariano”),
because many, despite their name serve fish and seafood.

You will often find on the internet the indication of vegetarian restaurants
or Vegan restaurants, but this is mostly a classic restaurant that also offers a vegetarian menu.

3 good VEGAN

O Jardim das Cerejas - Lisboa
Ao 26 Vegan Restaurante Rua Vitor Cordon Lisbon
O Botanico




Is it possible to visit the synagogue?

For security reasons, the synagogue is closed to the public,
and the visit is possible only within authorized guided visits.
But if you book our guided tour (at least 72 hours in advance),
we will have the pleasure of making you discover the beauty of our Portuguese synagogue.
Our guided tour "Lisbon Judaica" begins in the New Jewish Quarter (from Monday to Friday at 9.30am).
No visit of the synagogue sorry,
but you can go i  the synagogue in Shabbat.

If you want to book a visit, The Lisbon Jewish Tour
Thank you for booking as soon as possible: 
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Can I visit the synagogue on my own?

For security reasons, the synagogue is open only on Shabbat and Jewish Holiday.
And you must to be register to the security staff.

We are here to help you discover the Jewish Lisbon.
Our visits are realized, on request, in English, French, or Portuguese.
Please note this is private visits, a small group is formed for each language, for better comfort of this privileged visit.

Contact us. : 
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Can I discover the Jewish Lisbon alone, without a guided tour?

It's simply impossible. Very few Jewish signs are still present in the city.
But after more than 30 years of research, we can truly offer you a unique journey in the Jewish memory of Lisbon, through the centuries until today, and we guarantee you that you will keep an unforgettable memory of our guided tour.
Thank you for reading our Golden book.
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More information in:
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There are other guided tours of Lisbon.
Why choose yours “Lisbon Jewish Tour”?

Our visit is truly exceptional.
All the other visits are done by non-Jews, so he will always miss the unique vision we can have about our own history, the history of the Jewish people of the Diaspora.
This is the only guided tour that allows to reveals all the details of local Jewish life through the centuries.
As a member of the Jewish community of Lisbon for 30 years, historians in the soul, our incessant research on the history of the Portuguese Jews allows us to communicate to you today really extraordinary and fascinating information on the Jewish Lisbon.
Reread our Golden book, all are unanimous to say that this visit was the best time of all their stay in Portugal.
Even people already familiar with Lisbon are rediscovering the city under another totally ignored and hidden face.
Come share with us this unforgettable moment.
We will be happy to share with you this wonderful visit.

Please, book the Lisbon Jewish Tour of Patricia,
the best way to discover Lisbon and th true History of Jews of Portugal




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