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Private visit of the Lisbon Jewish Quarters
Lisbon is really a peaceful city very pleasant to visit, where the sun is present all the year. To follow the footsteps of our Jewish ancestors, this guided tour is under the responsibility of Patricia and Joseph, a French couple living in Lisbon with their family for 30 years, dedicated members of the Jewish community.


Lisbon Jewish Tours by Patricia & Joseph


Patricia & Joseph will tell you with passion the unique fascinating history of the Jewish community of Portugal over the centuries, and you will discover an unknown Lisbon, unusual places, and much more than the usual tour guides can do. Today, they will help you find traces of the first Jewish communities in Lisbon from the twelfth century.


During this walk of discovery, the true Jewish past of the city comes back to life.

You will follow a road less frequented by tourists, discovering historical facts and unfamiliar stories about this Jewish community. This walk has a perfect pace, with a delicious balance between history and anecdotes;


You will discover not only the Jewish past of Lisbon, but also the most beautiful views of the city.

The visit orchestrated by Patricia and Joseph will take you from the first expulsion of Jews from Portugal by the Visigoths, until today, through the period of the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries and the Portuguese Inquisition.


You will also learn the role Incredible and especially unknown of the Jewish community of Lisbon during the Second World War.


Walk in the footsteps of our grandparents to discover the daily life of Jewish refugees in Lisbon during the Second World War, to find their daily appointments, places, squares, buildings, the emotion is there at every corner : Lisbon of the 40s is before our eyes.

But also, the history of the Portuguese "Crypto-Jews", whose brands are still alive today in the country, for those who know how to discover the codes.



Private visit of Lisbon Old Jewish Quarters.


This tour will take you to the magnificent synagogue of Lisbon (closed to the public during the Covid Pandemic), as well as in the most beautiful areas of Lisbon: Bairro Alto, Baixa, Carmo, Chiado, Principe Real, Rato and many others beautiful neighborhoods ...


All these emblematic neighborhoods of Lisbon have a close relationship with Jewish life, and your hosts will give you the keys to discover all the secrets of the history of the Portuguese Jewish community, totally unknown to the general public.

This is an ideal first introduction to the Portuguese capital, the best way to discover this beautiful city.


So, discover with Patricia and Joseph the authentic and unknown Jewish Lisbon ... The fascinating history of the Portuguese Jews will finally be revealed to you.

This visit will be in English, French or Portuguese.

Pre-bookings are preferably at least 4 days in advance).


Visits are scheduled from Sunday to Thursday. Reservations are essential because visits are only in Private tour (Only you for the visit).


Take a look at the guestbook to get an idea of the quality of the welcome and services offered by Patricia & Joseph:

All comments are unanimous:

This guided tour of the Jewish Lisbon was the highlight of their entire stay in Lisbon.


Lisbon Jewish Tour by Patricia & Joseph


* We offer this visit tour in English, French or Portuguese. Reservations required. (Pre-booking minimum 4 days in advance).
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