KOSHER meals in Lisbon

Eat kosher in travel can be a real difficulty.

No kosher restaurant in Lisbon. It's true ...

But we can prepare for you delicious “gourmet” meals, to take away or to eat in a very comfortable place in the city center.

There are still some places: Reserve your place asap!
Come share the joy of a true Gourmet Shabbat meal in a Jewish family in Lisbon,
a few minutes walk from the synagogue (4 minutes).





Every shabbat (ony on request as soon as possible)
Gourmet Friday Dinner
Gourmet Saturday Lunch


All another dates on requests, also for gourmet dinner during the week
(only on request):


Careful, we cannot answer to last minute resquest:
It's all home made gourmet meals.
You need to book as soon as possible. Thanks.


All another dates on requests.
Careful, we cannot answer to last minute resquest:
It's all home made gourmet meals.


Visit tour: "Lisbon Judaica"
From Sunday to Thursday at 9h30.


NEXT VISIT "Lisbon Judaica":

Every day, from Sunday to Thursday, at 9h30am.


Visit in English, French or Portuguese on request,
a lot of possibilities all over the year.
But you need to contact us as soon as possible to book day and time.



All another dates on requests.
Careful, we cannot answer to last minute resquest:
It's all home made gourmet meals.

Please to confirm AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.



Do not hesitate to contact us



Kosher Hotel in Lisbon ?

Where to sleep in Lisbon?

Less than 5 minutes from the synagogue, in the center of Lisbon, panoramic view of the city, a comfortable and ideal place to stay in Lisbon.


We take care of everything to make your stay in Lisbon unforgettable.....

Do not hesitate to contact us.





Shabbat in Lisbon

Shabbat in travel is often complicated.

Not in Lisbon!

We propose you our “Special Shabbat offer” all-inclusive.

Do not hesitate to contact us.




Jewish Holidays in Lisbon

We propose you our “Special offer” all-inclusive. (full board for two people)

Do not hesitate to contact us.



Visit the Old Jewish quarter of Lisbon

Discover the history of the Portuguese Jewish Community through the centuries in a very pleasant walk.

From the fourth and fifth centuries, we find the historical remains of a Jewish presence in Portugal, that is to say, well before the formation of the Kingdom of Portugal itself.

In the twelfth century, Portugal became a nation, and it is from this period that we find traces of the first Jewish communities in Lisbon.


During this walk you will be able to discover the true Jewish past of the Lisbon city, following route much less frequented by tourists: As a member of the community, we will be better able to help you to discover so much information absent in classical tourist guides.


Since the first expulsion of Jews from Portugal by the Visigoths, until our time, through the terrible fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and the incredible and unrecognized role of the Community Lisbon during the Second World War, the untold story of Portuguese Jews will finally be revealed to you.



This walk is also ideal for a first discovery of the Portuguese capital.

With a rhythm perfectly suited for walking, with a balance between history and multiple anecdotes, you will know a real pleasure to discover the Jewish past of Lisbon but also the most beautiful views of the city, often unknown.


Come discover with us the genuine and unknown Jewish Lisbon ...


This tour allows you to discover the best points the most beautiful districts of Lisbon: Rato, Bairro Alto, Chiado and Baixa.


* The visit is performed in French, English, or Portuguese. Reservations required.



 Join the only true Jewish guide in Portugal


VISIT TOUR Every day during the week (not on Shabbat)

Start at 9h30 am from Sunday to Thursday.



Do not hesitate to contact us.




Private visit of the Synagogue of Lisbon

Private visit  with all the history of the only Lisbon Synagogue.

Duration: 40 minutes

Reservations required.

Do not hesitate to contact us.









Hi Patricia,




Thank you so much for making our stay by you so enjoyable.


We really enjoyed your company, your beautiful home,


and especially your food (which more than rivals the best kosher restaurants in Manhattan).




All the best,




Family L.


(New York. USA)








Dear Patricia and Yosef,




We just spent our first Shabbat at home in three weeks.


It was good to be home again, but we spent a lot of our time telling over to our friends and family the amazing stories about Portuguese history, that you both shared with us last week .


Thankfully, we took Patricia’s formal Lisbon tour on Monday morning. It put many things in perspective for us and gave us a picture of what Jewish life was REALLY like in Portugal over the centuries. (The Lonely Planet wrote a couple of lines). Patricia is a true investigative historian with a wealth of knowledge and a passion to share it, because it is truth and largely unknown to the general and Jewish public.




Then we spent Friday night, Shabbat lunch, Saturday and Sunday nights and Monday morning with you both.


What a wonderful experience!


First, you are both so genuine and caring (for each other) and for your guests.


Patricia helped us plan our last day to sightsee and if we had had more time, would have kept us busy with suggestions for a week! Honestly, we would have liked to just sit and listen to Yosef’s stories for another week, but we will have to return for that privilege..


We were in Lisbon because of a medical conference and it was the week of Purim.


It dampened our spirit a bit, but when Patricia gave us a misloach manot on Erev Purim after the megillah reading, we were suddenly revived!


It was so thoughtful and unexpected that it simply ”made” our Purim.








We are so grateful that we found “Kosher in Lisbon” on time.


Our trip to Portugal was so much more meaningful and informative for having met and shared our time with Patricia and Yosef.


We highly recommend to anyone who is unsure to sign up immediately!


You will not regret it and will only gain from the decision.


It is, in fact, a ”win-win” situation because you will be giving to them as much as they will be giving to you, just in a different way.


We want to bring our children to meet you both.


I hope God gives us all the health, strength and parnasa to fulfil this desire.


In the meantime, may He bless you both with only the best of things until we return
and for many years after...




With great affection and gratitude to you both,




Lydia & Rav. Mitch R.














My mother and I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful stay we had in Lisbon at your place.


As I mentioned to you in person, we did not just feel we were at a Kosher Bed and Breakfast.


You took us into your home and your hearts.


We got to know you as people and through you, Portugal and its Jewish community.


Your care and concern for us were amazing.


The food was first class gourmet and your home was superb.


It was better than a five star hotel since it was much more than just a place.


The two of you are wonderful baalei chesed, going far beyond what Bed and Breakfast hosts would do.


You made our experience memorable and joyous.


We learned so much from you.


We are so grateful to you for making our Lisbon trip a once in a lifetime experience.


We are delighted to recommend you to others going to Portugal.




May Hashem bless you with good health, good parnasah, and the ability to help others experience Lisbon.


All the best,




Rabbi Dr. J. S. O.


And Eva O.










Good evening

Thank you to Patricia and Joseph for this delicious Shabbat spent with you.


You have managed to combine a high quality gourmet cuisine to a sense of perfection and modesty.


Also thank you for letting us share the wealth of your inexhaustible culture, as well during our meals during the tour of Lisbon.
Thanks to you we discovered a different Lisbon that described in guidebooks.
An address not to be missed during your stay in Lisbon.

Sabrina and Mark B. (Paris. France)










Dear Patricia and Joseph




David and I returned from our trip to Lisbon after a long travel day back due to weather issues in the New York area. 


While our trip was still fresh in our minds we wanted to thank you for everything.


The accommodations and food was great and meeting both of you and getting to know you made the trip to Lisbon so special.


As you know we stayed at the Ritz Four Seasons for a few nights before we arrived at your home for Shabbat with our daughter Tali who was speaking at a conference.  




Staying with you and being in your home and spending Shabbat with you and going to shull was better than being at a FIVE STAR Hotel .


We appreciate your care and thoughtfulness on every detail during our stay and fro accommodating my vegetarian requests.


We wish you all the best and thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. 




Sheara and David A.,


(NJ – USA)














Dear friends,




Our vacation in Lisbon was more than wonderful – it was inspiring.


 I attribute this solely to your personal magic and the way you made us feel welcomed in your home.




Please accept the heartfelt appreciation of my family and myself.


 We will always remember the inspiring Shabbat we spent at your home in Lisbon.


 I venture to say that all worldly accoutrements could not begin to establish the spirit which permeated your home.




In my opinion, your home provided the spiritual essence of Shabbat.


Truly a blessed time and space.




It is written, is it not, in the Talmud, that a Roman Emperor said to Rabbi Joshua Chanania:


“Why has the Sabbath dish such a fragrant odor?


It is because we have a certain seasoning, which we put into it, and that gives it a fragrant odor.


Give me the recipe asked the Emperor. That is impossible the Rabbi retorted, because it is the Sabbath and for those who do not keep it, it is of no avail.”




My best personal regards to both of you.


I fervently hope that our paths may cross in the future on an equally pleasant and uplifting encounter.




Jacob A.


(New-York. USA)








Very very good B&B in Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal.


The apartment is very nice, spacious with hardwood floors, high ceilings, large windows, balcony, etc. It feels like home. In a quiet and relaxing environment, the two bedrooms are large, the bedding is comfortable and the private bathroom is very clean.


Comfortable and excellent facilities with WIFI.


Patricia  and Joseph  are gracious hosts and put you immediately at ease.


Speaking French, English and Portuguese, they are very welcoming and are aware of local activities and good places.


They will tell with passion the Portugal story that they know better than any other Portuguese in the area.


Of great kindness, they will guide you and give you good advice for finding your way in this attractive country.


Miss P..... is the perfect house hostess, she's always very caring.


Breakfasts are very good, plentiful, well presented and full: homemade jams, mezonot bread, egg, coffee, hot chocolate and fruit juices.


As for meals, they are amazing, worthy of a great restaurant.   In short all is delicious.


Everything is kosher with the Hashgaha of the Rabbi of Lisbon (who lives across the street!) .


I highly recommend this place for anyone looking for accommodation in Lisbon with kosher meals.


You will feel like to live with longtime friends while maintaining privacy.


If you are just passing by Lisbon, you can also order takeaway kosher dishes to Patricia, you'll not regret it.


Personally, I have never been so well received and I would definitely go back again.




Shlomo P.














Dear friends,


Shavoua Tov




As promised, I am sending you below our contribution to the guestbook.


We started to give your address to our close friends in Lausanne. We have excited!


For now, we have no plans to come back but we will organize a few days for my parents.


After a few days spent in your company, we are back at home.


Despite a short stay in Lisbon, we return with full of pictures and stories head.


You put the dishes in the large every moment to make our stay as pleasant as possible, whether at the level of amenities (comforts of the apartment and meals) in the enthusiasm you put in guided tours.


We try to recreate in these few lines of our admiration for what you get to offer: a true Kosher stay despite the fact that Jewish life is less developed than in other European countries.


We assigned the role of ambassador for your guest house in our community and have already shared some knowledge with your contact information so that they too can live the Lisbon's experience with the care and kindness you 're showing.


Thank you for giving us the desire to return to Portugal and letting us discover the Lisbon Jewish with his pan of sometimes overlooked story ...


See you soon




Valerie and Thierry M.


(Lausanne. Switzerland)


(translation from French).








Dear Patricia and Joseph,




I only have a few days left of my trip in Portugal before I return home.


I must tell you that the Shabbat with the both of you was, without a doubt, the highlight of my trip.


A few years ago, I heard the ex- Chief Rabbi of Britain, Lord Jonathan Sacs, speak in Manchester.


He said something that I will always remember.


He explained how important it is to thank people and to let them know that they are appreciated, for what they do and who they are.


I want to thank you for everything; for your hospitality and for all the kindness that you showed me over the past few days.


I felt so comfortable and at home, so much so that I did not want to leave on Sunday morning!


I will miss you both and already do, I can't believe that it was only a few hours ago that I said goodbye to the both of you and Patricia came down to the street and called a taxi for me! I became very emotional in the taxi and on the train!


I would like to thank you for being so inspiring. The fascinating stories and Jewish a-History tour are memories that I will always carry with me.


You have become role models for me in many ways.


I hope with all my heart to see you again in the future.


I have gained more than is possible to express from the Shabbat and from the tour just a few hours ago.


I speak about you a lot and am telling everyone I know that if they go to Portugal then they should stay with you because it was such a special Shabbat. I do plan on visiting you again and will let you know when I come.


P.S I have to say again, that the food this weekend was fantastic!




Thinking of you both and hoping you are having a lovely week!


Best Wishes,




Michal S.


(Manchester. U.K)










Hello Patricia and Joseph,




Jeff and I wanted to Thank You for all of your amazing hospitality during our visit to Lisbon.  Your home is very warm and welcoming, comfortable as well.  


The food was absolutely delicious.  We were so excited to eat fresh, local grown produce, cooked to gourmet perfection.


Shabbos in Lisbon was exceptional.  The Shul is absolutely beautiful and I have been showing my friends the picture postcards that you gave us.  During our travels, many people asked us where we stayed in Lisbon and how did we find Kosher food.  We told everyone about your outstanding Bed and Breakfast.  


Patricia, we so appreciated the packed lunches that you made for us to take on our outings.  The food was delicious, and we always had more than we could ever finish.  We had not a single worry about where to find Kosher food or if we would be able to eat on our outings.  You packed up everything so carefully and lovingly.  We really felt pampered and want you to know how much we appreciated it.


We both enjoyed the tour that you gave us of the Old Jewish Quarter of Lisbon and the history of the Jews during the time of the Inquisition and Expulsion.  


You obviously did a lot of research on the subject which made the tour that much more interesting.  


Jeff and I want to wish you both a Happy and Healthy New Year.  May you both be inscribed in the Book of Life for the coming year.


Have a lovely, peaceful and restful Shabbos,


Very best regards,




Deborah and Jeff R.


Cincinnati, Ohio (USA)








Dear friends,






We just returned home last night, and I planned to write you a note today to thank you for a beautiful Shabbat dinner in the magnificent city of Lisbon.


The food was delicious, and Beryl and I had a wonderful time.


We enjoyed your company, and we learned a lot about the history of Portugal and about past and present Jewish life in Portugal.


Shabbat services at your synagogue and dinner at your home were definitely one of the highlights of our trip.


We are grateful for the memorable experience you provided for us.


If you ever come to Baltimore, please contact me.


I will definitely share your names with anyone I know who is traveling to Lisbon.


Thank you again and I wish you a Healthy and Happy new Year!


All the Best,




Frona & Beryl B.


(Baltimore. USA)








Good evening


This email is certainly designed to let you know that we arrived safely after a trip uneventful, but it is also an opportunity to thank you for the great time we had in Lisbon.


We enjoyed the quality of your home, your advice and help to visit the city all the information you gave us about the history of the Jews of Lisbon, the delicious cuisine of Patricia, the atmosphere of Shabbat, the charm of a beautiful apartment ...


All that we have found in your home and we are very grateful for that.


Jean-Claude et Ginette W.
(Paris. France)












Dear friend,






I arrived a few hours ago, and now finally things started to calm down.


Thank you very much for the sandwiches and the entire meal - it was great and kept me going without a problem.


Thank you for your wonderful hospitality, and a memorable Shabbat.




Last night even though I was very tired from the trip, I retold my husband many of amazing stories and fascinating facts that you have told me over the Shabbat.


I wanted to thank you again, because it made me understand many things much better.


Talking with both of you was a real contribution to the enjoyment of the trip (and of course also the great food...).


I wish you both good health, and better eye sight, for many years,


Good willing, we will be in touch in the future,




 Noa B.












Dear friend,






We arrived home last night, safely but very tired. This morning we were able to look at your wonderful photos of Lisbon. It truly is a beautiful city...rain or sun, but sunny is magnificent. We had one of the most memorable experiences of our entire trip exploring Lisbon with you. Your passion for its Jewish history (and for Lisbon generally) touched us deeply.




Myrna and I thank you for a wonderful and eductional day in Lisbon. Meeting you and learning about the Jewish history of Lisbon was very special and meaningful. Our day with you was one of the major highlights of our trip. We have told all our friends and family that one of the highlights of our 55th wedding anniversary trip was the day we spent with you in Lisbon.




Again, thank you, and we hope to keep in touch with you in the future.




Myrna and Howard F.


(Los Angeles. USA)
















I have to tell you that Estelle and I very much enjoyed staying with you and we hope in the future to visit Lisbon again.


I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much we enjoyed our stay with you in Lisbon. 


Estelle and I enjoyed very much our trip to Portugal and I am sure we will return again to revisit Lisbon and other centers we did not have time for on our recent trip.


Meanwhile, we wish you both a Shabbat Shalom




All the best   


Warm regards,




Estelle and Edgar A.


(Jérusalem. Israel)








 Dear friend,






Best wishes for another wonderful Shabbat in Lisbon.


We arrived in Los Angeles last night very late.


We are happy to be safe and sound, back at our home, but we had such a marvelous trip in Portugal, thanks to you.


Our Shabbat was incredible and it was so interesting and exciting. the next day's tour of Lisbon was outstanding.


It was one of the highlights of our trip!


I hope we will have the opportunity to come back soon. And on the plane from Lisbon to New York, I watched a docudrama about none other than Sousa Mendez!


I would never have known about him or had any interest if not for Joseph!.  I will once more wish you and your husband hotzlocha rabbah with your efforts in your beautiful community, great health, and much happiness and Brachot for the coming year.


May all your Bakashot and Tefillot to H" be granted and may you and Joseph be sealed and signed in the coming year in the Book of Life, b,ezrat H".


Be in touch. it was wonderful to make new friends in Portugal.




We have very fond memories of our very warm but wonderful Shabbat in Lisbon.


With Love,




Joanie and Yossie Z.


(Los Angeles)








Dear Patricia and Joseph,




We had a long flight yesterday, waiting in Brussels for 5 hours, and then flying another 4+ hours.  We got home B"H at 4am (6am Lisbon time)!  On the flight from Brussels to Tel Aviv, they didn't have my Kosher meal...  But I was not too hungry, thanks to the week of excellent nourishment in your hands!!!




Again, I have no adequate words to thank you for your wonderful and warm hospitality, for the delicious, wholesome and kosher meals, and for all the good advise for exploring Lisbon! 


We left Lisbon with the satisfaction of having gained you two as new friends!  I hope we will soon meet again, be it in Lisbon or in Israel!  Please do look us up when you come to Israel!!!




Beezrat Hashem, keep strong and in good health!




Shabat Shalom and with fond regards,




Otto and Aaron F.










Dear Patricia, Dear Joseph,








We would like to thank you most sincerely for your warm welcome during our four days in Lisbon with our children.




This was the first time we went to bed and breakfast and we were delighted.




Your apartment is very nice, comfortable and spacious, and it has a soul. It was a real pleasure to share your charming company which allowed us to know much more about the history of the Jews in Portugal, to appreciate this beautiful city of Lisbon thanks to your good advice and to take advantage of the guided tour Of the "Jewish Lisbon" organized by Patricia that we strongly recommend.




We can not fail to emphasize the culinary talents of Patricia who from breakfast to dinner, passing by the "take away" of the noon, made a no fault! Dishes prepared with fresh produce, homemade recipes (special mention for bread and jams) and a presentation worthy of great restaurants.




We will keep an excellent memory of this stay and hope to come back next year.




See you soon




Rebecca, Yves, Lea and David.










Dear Patricia and Joseph






First of all thanks for the pictures.


Secondly many thanks for your hospitality and kindness and the good feeling you gave us.


We really felt at home at your place.


The guidance you gave us in Lisbon and other places were a great help for us.


And by that we visited many interesting places in your beautiful country.


If you sometime will visit Israel please let us know and we will be very happy to meet you.




All the best, many many thanks for all you did.


Warm regards from Jerusalem, shavu'ah tov,




Rina and David C., 


& Yael and Uri V.G.  










Dear Patricia,




I would like to thank you warmly for your hospitality and kindness.


We had a great time enjoying the delicious dinner on Sunday night and the good company of your husband.


The morning spent together yesterday (too short!)) Allowed us to enjoy the treasures of Lisbon in a unique and incredible way.


Not to mention all these little addresses you recommended!




Thank you again for sharing your passion for the history of Lisbon and sharing with us a little bit of your knowledge. We will be back for the chance to spend the whole day with you and know the rest of the story!




Take good care of you two,


With all our affection and very soon SDV ...




Geraldine and Arnaud Assuied










Dear Patricia,


Dear Joseph,




Thank you for your warm welcome!


We had a wonderful time and you have passed on your love of Lisbon!




We look forward to returning you visit this time with our three little children!


I regretted not being able to say goodbye to you Patricia!


How do I complete the guestbook?


See you soon,




Marie and Olivier










Hello Patricia




We wanted to reiterate how important your visit was exciting.


It enriched our stay and certainly our memory.




See you soon for maybe a Shabbat in you b "H.


I will not fail to broadcast your details around me.




Cordial Shalom


Corinne et Rodolphe B.


(Paris. France)












Hello Joseph and Patricia,


You anticipate me I expected to write to thank you.


We also enjoyed so much the meal which was really succulent and your company.

You have taught us so many things!


We hope to return soon in your beautiful city.


Thank you again for your welcome and your valuable advice.


See you soon.


Cordial Shalom.


Sylvie et Mickael A.














Dear Joseph & Patricia,


We would like to thank you both again for last Shabbat.


The warmth of you hospitality, the company and delicious meals enhanced our Shabbat and experience of Lisbon.


We hope to see you again soon,


 Beverley & Arnold D. (USA)








So wonderful !


 I can't stop raving about our stay with you to all of our friends.


You totally enhanced our stay in Portugal.


Wishing you both a Shana tova.




Deena and Shira (USA)








Thank you Patricia and Joseph.




Shana Tova to you and you should have the strength to continue for many years to perform the Chesed that you do for visitors to your beautiful city.




David F. (USA)








Shalom Patricia and Joseph


Many thanks for your company and delicious meals.  Sandwiches were fantastic.


Hopefully one day we will return to Lisbon to learn the story of the Portuguese inquisition from the expert.…




Dr. B. (Australia)








Many thanks for your good wishes which we reciprocate.


We often think of our holiday in Lisbon with fondness.


Shana tova,




Dunny and Jeannette R. (Israel)








We allways will remember your hospitality on our stay in lisbon.
may the coming year bring only joy, healh and prosparity.
warm greetings from jerusalem,




Rina & David, Yael & Uri P. (Israel)








Dear Joseph and Patricia,


Thank you very much for the wonderful Shabbat  we spent with you last week.


You made us feeling like at home, and you enriched us with your knowledge of Portuguese Jewish history.
It's a mitzvah to give  this unique opportunity of having Kosher Shabbat in Lisbon.
Shana Tova


Orna and Robert R.  (Jerusalem)








Shana tova, ktiva ve hatima tova.


Hope you are all well.
Remember our stay with you in Lisbon with smile. Keep running.


Avraham and Rosa A.

from the Holy Land.








Dear Joseph and Patricia,




Wishing you both a Shana Tova!


May the year ahead bring you health and happiness!


I miss you both and think of you often!


I hope to come back to Portugal soon and visit you!
Have a Chag Sameach,
 Michal S. (England)












Dearest friends,




I must say that I think about you both a lot.


It was a real pleasure to meet you.


You made our stay in Lisbon so memorable and special. 


I hope this finds you both well.


All the best and thank you again for EVERYTHING!!!




 Rosie & Arnold N.


(Jérusalem. Israel)










Dear friend,






Thank you for the pictures. We arrived home safe.
We had a fine time at your B&B and enjoyed the Lisbon sites you recommended!


We do have good memories of our trip to Portugal and our stay with you.


Most of our friends have never been to Portugal and were interested to hear all about it. Staying with you made our Lisbon visit very special.


Shabbat shalom and best of health and success to you and your community,


Thank you again.




Eli and Reena


(Beit Gamliel, Israel)


















B"H I arrived on time today in Israel and I am so happy to join my family again.


Thanks for the great time in your place and Lisbon.


It was very nice to talk with you and know about your life.


Your are amazing people. How are you? How is everything in Lisbon.




I always have nice remembers from my staying there.


Hope to see you soon again in Lisbon or in Israel


May Hashem send you braja, briut, behatlaja and parnasa tova.


Let’s be in touch. Thanks & Regards,




 Gabriel C.


(Jérusalem. Israel)














Thanks for the great guided tour.


We really learned a lot. 


Thanks for a wonderful tour on Sunday, and of course for the beautiful Shabbat meal.


We will send your contact details to our friends for their future visits. 


Best regards,


Matty M. (Israel)












We would like to thank you again for a lovely, informative stay we had with you in Lisbon. We will certainly recommend your services to any Jewish families we know who might be traveling your way.


With best wishes for a peaceful, healthy year,




Miri & Steven B.


(New-York – USA)












Thank you very much, Patricia, it was absolutely lovely to be at your home!


Best regards


Becky G. (Chicago – USA)










Dearest Friends,




I must say that I think about you both a lot.


It was a real pleasure to meet you. You made our stay in Lisbon so memorable and special. 


I hope this finds you both well.


All the best and thank you again for EVERYTHING!!!




Rosie & Arnold


(Jérusalem. Israel)


















Dear Patricia,




Thank you for a very memorable tour of Lisbon last month.


We will return !


I was just advising my French discussion group to go to Lisbon — what a wonderful city!  


The tour you gave us was a highlight of our trip.  


Your stories about Portuguese Jewish life inspired and informed, and your expertise deepened our appreciation of your beautiful city.


Thank you for making our trip so memorable.




With best wishes,  




Amy V. & Selwyn N.


(Austin, Texas. USA)
















We had a lovely time visiting with you and your husband.


Chaim just finished eating and he said that everything was absolutely delicious and he especially liked the fish and the bread and that the salad was extremely fresh.


We also appreciate the way everything was so nicely packaged.


Thank you again for everything and may you both have Chag Sameach.


All The best,




 Rachelle and Chaim (New York)


(Takeaway meals)












Chère Patricia,




Je tenais à vous remercier chaleureusement pour votre accueil et votre gentillesse.


Nous avons pris un grand plaisir à nous régaler du délicieux dîner dimanche soir et de la bonne compagnie de votre mari.


La matinée passée ensemble hier ( trop courte!;)) nous a permis d'apprécier les trésors de Lisbonne d'une manière unique et incroyable.


Sans parler de toutes ces petites adresses et du délicieux  restaurant que vous nous avez conseillé!




Si vous avez une autre adresse pour midi nous sommes preneurs!;)


Merci encore de nous avoir communiquer votre passion pour lhistoire de Lisbonne et d'avoir partagé avec nous un petit peu de votre savoir. Nous reviendrons pour avoir la chance de passer toute la journée avec vous et connaître la suite de l'histoire!




Prenez bien soin de vous deux,




Avec toute notre affection et à très bientôt SDV ...




Geraldine et Arnaud A.














Chère Patricia, 
Cher Joseph, 
Merci pour votre accueil si chaleureux! Nous avons passé un séjour merveilleux et vous nous avez transmis votre amour de Lisbonne! 
Nous nous réjouissons de revenir vous rentre visite cette fois avec nos trois petits cocos! 
J ai regretté de ne pouvoir vous dire au revoir Patricia! 
Comment puis je compléter le livre d'or? 
A très bientôt, 
Marie et Olivier 










Dear Patricia and Joseph,




There are not enough words to describe our appreciation to your hospitality.


Meeting you both gave our journey a deeper and richer meaning.


Patricia, your knowledge about the Jewish life in Lisbon was so immpressive, we enjoyed the tour a lot and we felt that you are helping us connect to the stories of the people hundreds of years ago as if they lived with us. Joseph - every simple discussion with you was so interesting.We felt that talking with you is like a tour in your rich life experience and it was a pleasurable time for us.


Patricia -you are a gifted cook and we thank you for the delicious meals.


Thanks to both of you we were exposed to portuguese art. We are thankful for your kindness and your warm welcome.


The time with you upgraded our vacation from a good one to an amazing one! - Thank you!


Even the opportunity to feel the antique elevator in person was interesting :)




May Hashem give you lot of strength to continue the amazing job that you are already doing.


All the best and please come to visit us in Jerusalem




Shelly and Amit Ben Harush Negari


Jerusalem, Israel










Dear Joseph and Patricia,




Thank you so much for your great companionship, hospitality, cuisine and conversation.




Through you we have both learned a great deal about the central place the Jews of Portugal have payed in our long journey in the galut.




We know it can be difficult as "outsiders" in Jewish communities but the role you both play in teaching is unique in my experience and the detailed and scholarly knowledge as well as the lived history of our people both here in in other parts of Europe and Iberia is






Our deepest thanks and good wishes.






David and Caroline B.


(Melbourne. Australia)












Dear Patricia and Joseph




Tha k you so very much for your wonderful hospitality last shabbat.




Paul and I enjoyed very much spending fri night with you and your guests.


Your history of portugal is fascinating




Thanks so very much


Carolyn & Paul S.












Hi Patricia,




We had a fantastic experience at your place Friday night - amazing food and company!




We will definitely recommend you to our friends and family visiting Lisbon.




I hope we meet again!






Dena & Brad W.














Mrs. Lustigman,




I hope all is well !


I want to thank you again for an amazing Shabbos - the food and hospitality were amazing and it was so nice getting to know you, Mr. Lustigman, and the Lisbon community.






Ben  G.


(N.Y. USA)












Hi Patricia,




First of all I want to thank you for an amazing stay with you. It did not feel like a B@B but like visiting friends.




Thanks for your warmth and kindness.




Thanks again and warmest regards,




Iliana B.












Dear Patricia and Joseph,




We came back to Jerusalem after a wonderful week in Portugal.




We wanted to thank you for hosting us "last minute" for Shabbat dinner.




We had a great time being with you and your other guests. Tasting your delicious food was also part of the experience, we especially loved the chocolate mousse and red fruits sorbet!! :)




It was also beautiful to pray in the Beit Knesset of Lisbon and to get to know a little the Lisbonian Jewish community.




We really fell in love with Portugal and hope to be back very soon <3




Please give us a sign if you come visit Jerusalem, we would be happy to meet!








Lea and Louise












Dear Patricia and Joseph,




I often think about the terrific time I had in Lisbon staying with you.




I hope you have a wonderful year ahead of good health and happiness and may you continue to do your amazing work of welcoming visitors to the Lisbon community.




Shana Tova


Rob B.


(Melbourne. Australia)












Dear Patricia & Joseph,




We want to deeply thank you for the warmth, the hospitality, the advice and above all the outstanding guidance we received concernig Jews in Portugal in general and in Lisbon in particular.




The sacred mission you took upon yourselves is shining over Europe and glorifies the role of the Jewish people and their contribution to mankind history.




As mentioned yesterday, we will gladly provide recommendations to other potential customers and families.




We wish you Ketiva vachatima tova, health, happiness and joy.


Shana tova




Yocheved & Dr. Yehuda R.














Patricia and Joseph,




I returned to Paris today after my stay in London.


I wanted to thank you very much for your hospitality and dedication.


Before leaving I prayed to make nice meetings,
I am answered !!!




You are a living example of a true Jewish couple, respectful of one another and devoted to our people!


That keeps you and gives you the strength and especially the health to continue your mission !!




I thank you very much for putting you on my way! I felt very at ease and very peaceful ;-) at home !!




I wish you many good things, and satisfactions!


I hope to see you again soon !




Thank you for everything !




Ya'akov M.


(Paris. France)












Dear Patricia, Dear Joseph,






We would like to thank you most sincerely for your hospitality during these three days that we spent with you in Lisbon.


We ate very well and drank well for Shabat, discovering on this occasion the "tchoulent".


We listened with great pleasure to the tasty anecdotes narrated by Joseph whose life is not a long, quiet river.


We were pleased to discover the history of the Jews in Portugal and enjoy this beautiful city of Lisbon thanks to the guided tour organized by Patricia that we highly recommend.


We will keep an excellent memory of this stay and will probably come again next time to complete the discovery of Lisbon.






With our best memory




Patrick and Monique C.


(Paris. France)










Bonjour ,




Comme promis je voulais contribuer au livre d’or.




Nous tenions à vous remercier pour cet excellent shabath plein organisé chez vous.


Nous avons apprécié la qualité de votre accueil , la façon dont vous racontez l’histoire juive de Lisbonne  et evidemment les qualités culinaires de Patricia.


Les discussions avec vous étaient un réel enrichissement personnel.




Ce fut un réel plaisir de vous rencontrer, nous pensons revenir très bientôt accompagnés d’amis.




Nous vous souhaitons plein de bonnes choses et plein de bonheur (vous le méritez ).




Shavouah tov








Isabelle et Uriel H.


Montreuil (France)














Hello Madam






I want to thank you for your hospitality, your visit ... and all that we have learned thanks to you.


We were delighted,


See you soon






Alain & Céline B.


(Paris, France)
















Bonjour Madame






Je tenais à vous remercier pour votre accueil , votre visite ... et tout ce que nous avons appris grâce à vous .


Nous avons été enchantés,


A  très bientôt






Alain & Céline B.


(Paris. France)














old Jewish Quarter of Lisbon
Visite de l'Ancien quartier juif de Lisbonne